It seems there isn't a street, a neighborhood, or an area where we haven't worked. We've always been where you need us. Our Churches, Schools, Places of Business, and Homes. From brand new to the most ancient historical restoration, Fischer Builders is a general contractor specializing in commercial, residential, and industrial building environments. With over 50 years of service we remain committed to Value and devoted to Quality so that you can be assured that your project will be managed to exceed your expectations. Our talented staff of highly skilled, craftsmen, material suppliers, and subcontractors comprise a team that insures success. We're looking forward to the opportunity to show you why so many people have come to trust in our abilities.

Company History

Fischer Builders, established by George Fischer in the early 1900's, a German immigrant craftsman provided fine, quality homes until the beginning of World War II in 1945.

George’s son, Frank Fischer, who had joined his father in business for a brief time, by the late ‘40's had found himself managing 3rd & Delaware Millwright, a provider of windows, doors trims & cabinetry until the entrepreneurial urge of Frank’s could be repressed no longer, so in 1958 Frank & his sons, Alan and Dennis, joined their father in his newly established business of building fine, custom homes, room additions, custom cabinetry along with some commercial remodeling projects. 

In 1975 Alan and Dennis purchased the assets of their now retired father and incorporated in the name of a.Fischer Builders Inc. By this time the services that they offered were now quite varied from their humble beginnings as the projects became larger, more quality craftsmen were employed to meet and serve a wider client base. No longer did Fischer Builders exist just in your homes, but were of service in your factories, churches, schools, hospitals, retail shopping centers, etc..

Today, a.Fischer Builders Inc. is managed by Alan, President / CEO and his son, Greg, Vice President, and have been joined in service with Greg’s sons Nathan, Ryan, & Evan as carpenter craftsmen to represent the fifth generation of service.

Fischer Builders is most proud and respectful of their truly talented, devoted, and quality conscious employees without whose help none of this would be possible. They maintain an enviable workplace environment with industry leading first rate compensation, vacation, health care, and company matching 401K and cafeteria plan benefits.

Fischer Builders maintains a AAA Performance Bond Surety Rating, a 5 million dollar umbrella liability insurance policy, all workmen compensation and liability insurances and is adequately financially resourced to properly manage several large scale projects simultaneously.

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